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Hello and Welcome !

My name is Antons Jevterevs (jevanto). I am a keen photographer! A father of three wonderful kids! And just a guy who lives in Northampton (UK).

I love to travel. Sometimes it is just for fun, sometimes for business. I love everything natural and real. Natural colours and natural light. Authentic and real emotions.

Work with me

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to create a beautiful authentic documentary about a special event in your life or to capture a nice real life portraits, then you are at right place!

Please visit My Portfolio and if you like the style of photography I use and you want to invite me to become a photographer on your engagement, wedding or honeymoon escape or you simply want to treat yourself with personal photo shoot, feel free to contact me by email or telephone, because nothing can replace live communication! I will always be happy to help you on any enquiry!